Facing The Giants Jingle Jam Party
The Facing the Giants organization invites all youth 8 - 15 years of age to come out for a Jingle Jamming good time at the Marvels T-Shirt Jingle Jam this Friday night (Dec. 28), 7-10 at the Octavia's Center located at 2315 Texas Blvd.
National Drink Beer Day
Bottoms up! It's National Drink Beer Day and this malty elixir is toasted annually on September 28th as it is the world's most popular adult beverage.
Monday’s Pearls of Wisdom
I've had relationships to some degree with a wide range of people from various walks of life. Regardless the religion, race, socioeconomic background, gender, or age, people don't care what you know til they know you care.
Tuesday’s Pearls of Wisdom
Do you know there's a difference between being busy and being fruitful? It’s like riding a rocking horse versus riding a real-life horse. Both of them move, but only one of them moves you forward. The other just moves in place.
Being busy and just running around all day doing stu…

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