Back in 2010 Damian Aspinall had a chance to reunite with a gorilla that had been reintroduced to the wild 5 years before. The video will amaze you. I believe my throat lumped just a bit, but don't tell anyone, it's a little embarrassing.

There had to be so many questions in this situation; would Kwibi remember the man that he had spent the first five years of his life with? Would he attack Damian? Could they even find him? Obviously they did or this wouldn't be much of a video recommendation would it?

What would be very interesting to me is, since it's been another 6 years, would Kwibi still remember his friend Damian? Could they find him again? Is he still alive? How many grand-gorillas does he have?

Be sure you watch this very heart-warming video below from award winning film producers Aqua Vita Films.

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