The weather simply hasn't cooperated with me lately. Every time I wanted to go out and take a few photos of great views around the Texarkana area the skies would cloud up on me. Obviously, as you can see from the pictures, even on a cloudy day these spots are pretty nice.

Tennessee Road - I'm sure most of you have driven through this intersection at one time or another. It's the tallest hill in the area. Located at the corner of State Hwy 237 and Tennessee Road on the Arkansas side.

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Jim Weaver, Townsquare Media


Jack Cullen Dr. - Located on the Arkansas side of Texarkana in the Tall Oaks subdivision, this neighborhood features some of Texarkana's most prominent citizens, some of the nicest homes and big beautiful back yards with an awesome view. I know it's just cow pasture, but hey, there's cows out there and it's a long way to the fence line. Very nice.

Google Maps link.

Jim Weaver, Townsquare Media

I-30 Corridor - This was just a lucky shot I was able to capture without having a wreck one evening in 2013. Granted, it's not a beautiful view every day, but it sure was that day.

Jim Weaver, Townsquare Media

Do you know of a beautiful view in the Texarkana area that I don't know about? Be sure and let us know.