During the month of December we gave our listeners a chance to win $1,500 in cold, hard cash with the Pay Your Holiday Bills contest. And now we're excited to announce the winning listener -- Erin Askew of Texarkana.Erin was super excited when I called her to give her the great news. Talk about starting off the New Year right! Erin said she couldn't believe that she was the winner and even teased her friend standing nearby that she should have entered the contest, too.

Erin, who teaches 5th and 6th graders at College Hill Middle School and coaches the JV and freshmen cheerleaders at Arkansas High, plans on spending the money on her bills.


Erin is also planning a vacation to St. Lucia in March and she may use some or all of it there, as well. Erin told me she just had a baby, so she may spend some on her newborn.

So, whatever Erin chooses to do with the money, we just want to wish her a very happy New Year! Sounds like to me she's already got the prosperous part down.