The Redwater Volunteer Fire Department is gearing up for their annual bass tournament to be held on Saturday, April 9, at Wright Patman Lake Sportsman’s Cove.

All proceeds from the tournament will help to purchase much needed equipment in order to protect the local community.

  • $90 Entry Fee Per Boat (1 or 2 people) 80 percent payback.
  • $5 “Big Bass Pot” Per Person 100 percent payback.



  1. All State, Federal, Federation and local lake laws will apply.
  2. Tournament fishing hours are from 6:00 am until 3:00 pm
  3. Entry-fee is $90.00 for the tournament with an optional $5.00 entry for the Big-Bass pot. Eighty percent of the tournament fee ($72.00) will be paid-out and 20% ($18.00) will go to The Redwater Volunteer Fire Department. One hundred percent of the Big-Bass pot will be paid back in two places (60%-40%). One spot for every ten entries will pay unless there is less than twenty entries at which time three spots will be paid.
  4. Weigh-in will open at 11:00 am. Once you have weighed in fish you may not add to your total by returning later with additional fish. Contestants must stop fishing no later than 3:00 pm and in weigh-in line by 3:15 pm or weight will be forfeited for the tournament.
  5. Contestants 18 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult or if fishing alone, must have written parental consent and release.
  6. All contestants must register before fishing. Registration forms and payment may be submitted through mail or the day of the tournament.
  7. All contestants MUST check-in the day of the tournament in ensure accountability in the event of an emergency. Tournament day check-in will begin at 5:00 am.
  8. All decisions of the tournament officials are final.
  9. Fish will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed and tail pinched.
  10. There will be a 4-ounce penalty for each dead fish brought to the scales.
  11. Only Largemouth Bass will be weighed and must be brought to the weigh-in in a bag of lake water.
  12. Only fish caught in a sporting manner on artificial baits (pork rind accepted) will be weighed.
  13. Any contestant who enters the weigh-in line with more than five (5) fish or the tournament number requirement will be penalized. The largest fish will be culled and culling will continue with the largest fish until the tournament limit is reached.
  14. All fish must meet the minimum and maximum length limits as established by the Texas Parks & Wildlife laws for the tournament lake. It is the responsibility of each angler to check the TPWD guidelines before each tournament. Violation of this rule will result in one pound penalty plus the loss of the fish’s weight in violation.
  15. Contestants who are intoxicated will lose that days catch.
  16. Boat fishing only will be allowed; no bank fishing. All contestants must wear life jackets when the combustion engine is running or when state law requires it.
  17. In the unlikely event of a protest, the protested party must submit to a polygraph exam if so requested by the tournament director. It will be the protested party’s financial responsibility to complete the arranged exam set by the Tournament Director. Time and date of said exam shall be scheduled and set forth by the Tournament Director.
  18. Anglers may use nets to assist in the landing of their fish. Landing nets may not exceed 6.5 feet in total length.
  19. The Redwater Volunteer Fire Department Bass Tournament will observe an off limit period prior to the tournament. The lake will be off limits the entire day prior to the tournament.

For entry forms and more information, visit Redwater Volunteer Fire Department online.