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4-Year-Old Killed By Mother & Boyfriend [VIDEO]
"You killed my **** baby" cried out a grieving father in anguish as he sat in the court room of his 4-year-old daughter, Anya Day-Garrett's murder trial awaiting the sentencing of her alleged murderers:  the 4-year-old's mother and the mother's boyfriend.
Keeta King's Pearls of Wisdom
When you have big dreams and aspirations, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable today so you can be comfortable tomorrow.
We're Celebrating National Barbie Day
Today is National Barbie Day, and Mattel has made history with its new "Shero" collection of barbie beauties in recognition of National Women's History Month.
Keeta King's Pears of Wisdom
The bulk of what I’ve done in life of any significance was birthed when I pushed through fear. Anyone who tells you that fear is a sign of weakness and people of faith don’t battle fear occasionally are lying to you.
Walker Chapel C.M.E. Church To Celebrate Lent
The Walker Chapel CME Church will host a worship celebration on Sunday March 18, 2018 at 3 p.m. The theme for the occasions is, "Jesus' Sacrifice Enable Us to Give Our Best to Lift Others Onward and Upward. Together We Have, Together We Will."
4 Women We Forgot Who Helped Shape History
These four amazing African-American women whose names may be little known, but their actions are embedded in the fabric of American history.
1.Grace Hamilton
Hamilton was born February 10, 1907, and was the first African-American woman to hold a public office in the Deep South...
Keeta King's Pearls of Wisdom
I decided a couple of years ago that success wasn’t enough for me.  I need to be SIGNIFICANT....significant in the lives of others
Happy National Oreo Cookie Month
There are over 1,200 National Days and TODAY is one of the best ones. Happy National Oreo Cookie Day to everyone across the nation. And thank God for the lovely soul who left a pack of Oreos in the break room today!
Keeta King's Pearls of Wisdom
Your mind is the place of conception. Its where you conceive your baby... your dream… your destiny… your next best move.
Trey Songz's Accuser Wants Restraining Order
According to TMZ, Trey Songz could be legally blocked from going any where near the woman who said he struck, choked and kicked her at a Hollywood Party NBA All-Star Weekend.
Girl Scout Cookies And Wine Pairing
It's Girl Scout Cookie time! And there's just something special about Girl Scout Cookies. And there's something reeeally special about a good bottle of wine. As a wine lover and Shortbread Trefoils cookie monster, it only made sense that a marriage between the two would…
Keeta King's Pearls of Wisdom
In honor of National Women's History Month....  Ladies remember: To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the sun.
Keeta King's Pearls of Wisdom
Today marks the first day of National Women’s History Month when we celebrate the moves we’ve made as a gender throughout the centuries in the history of mankind.
Little Rock Singer Rocks 'The Voice' Audition
When Little Rock's Levelle Davison started singing on NBC "The Voice" Tuesday night, the show's two original judges turned their chairs around in seconds.
Davison stepped onto "The Voice" stage and rocked his rendition of "To Love Somebody&a…
Get a Free Short Stack On IHOP National Pancake Day
Enjoy a FREE short stack of IHOP's Original Buttermilk Pancakes today and donate to help children battling critical illnesses. Every stack served helps IHOP reach their goal of raising $5 million for local children’s hospitals and health organizations.