Jammin' On the Job With Keeta King

Thursday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
A lot times we pray for God to remove a problem so we can move on to the next level because "that’s the ONLY thing that’s standing in our way". Well can I tell you… it is INDEED the only thing standing in your way?
Monday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Don’t allow your situation to blind you to the point you can’t see beyond it. Situations and circumstances are temporary unless you create a world for them to remain.
Thursday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Sometime you have to take a trip down memory lane… not to relive or revisit for a lengthy period of time, but to REMEMBER whom you used to be so you can appreciate who you are today.
Wednesday’s Pearls of Wisdom
Pause for a minute and tell God thank you! Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment and day-to-day life struggles and we don't stop long enough to smell the roses and simply say thank you.
Tuesday’s Pearls of Wisdom
Don’t let fear paralyze you. Don’t let it stop you from saying what needs to be said… asking what you need to know... And definitely don’t let it stop you from DOING what it is you need to be doing.
Tuesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
You were wired for greatness! Before there ever was a you on earth, THERE WAS A YOU, and everything you needed to be successful and to walk out your calling on earth was placed inside you. A tree doesn’t begin as a tree. It starts out as a seed...

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