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Wednesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Ladies.... Whomever made you feel inferior or told you you weren’t good enough, don’t believe them. Whomever told you you had to be loud and ratchet to be noticed, don’t believe that. Whooooooever told you you had to have a man to be happy and/or valid…
Keeta King Celebrates National Siblings Day [PHOTOS]
Today is National Siblings Day, and I love seeing all the pictures and posts on social media. Unfortunately, as an only child, I never got the luxury of keeping sibling secrets, spilling sibling tea, and creating everlasting sibling memories.
Keeta King Enjoys National Oreo Cookie Day
There are over 1,200 National Days and TODAY is one of the best ones. Happy National Oreo Cookie Day to everyone across the nation. And thank God for the lovely soul who left a pack of Oreos in the break room today!
To hell with New Year's resolutions! WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT? WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR 2018?

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