Pearls of Wisdom

Tuesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
You were wired for greatness! Before there ever was a you on earth, THERE WAS A YOU, and everything you needed to be successful and to walk out your calling on earth was placed inside you. A tree doesn’t begin as a tree. It starts out as a seed...
Monday’s Pearls of Wisdom
If people would compete with themselves like they compete with other folks, we’d have a lot more successful and fulfilled people in the world.
Friday’s Pearls of Wisdom
Ladies,we spend a lot of time and a money working on our exterior. Our hair has to be done… nails gotta be right..... Face gotta be beat before we step out. Fellas, you're no different. Gotta have that fresh cut before you go anywhere! But how much time and money do you put toward that p…

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