Tuesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom #VOTE
Today is a very important day in history, and I need your help to make THIS day historic as we go out and vote to UNDUE a situation that we have allowed to happen over the years when we weren't voting.
Friday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
This Sunday morning, we’ll all turn back our clocks one hour for daylight savings time, which means us, 9 to 5ers, will arise to daylight and a walk to our cars in the dark after work. I’ll be honest adjust poorly to this time of year, but that doesn’t…
Thursday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Fellas no offense but I’m talking to the ladies today…. Ladies we stay on some kinda diet.  Me included! I'm no different than you. We're all trying to get summertime fine....trying to shed pounds for the upcoming events: class reunions, wedding, blah blah blah. But what if I told you the weight you…
Monday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
We're rapidly bringing one year to a close and welcoming in the new. In 2019 we have GOT to change our minds to meet the moment! The beautiful thing about purpose is that it doesn't check with your background before qualifying you to do what you're supposed to do in life...
Wednesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Ladies.... Whomever made you feel inferior or told you you weren’t good enough, don’t believe them. Whomever told you you had to be loud and ratchet to be noticed, don’t believe that. Whooooooever told you you had to have a man to be happy and/or valid…
Tuesday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Every day you wake up you have a decision to make: Either maximize your time or waste your time. (Or even worse… allow someone else to waste your time).
Monday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Your life will always parallel your thoughts. Everything you have ever done and/or will ever do (good or bad) always begins with a thought.
Thursday’s Pearls Of Wisdom
Today is National Black Poetry Day. It is ONLY right that I pay tribute to the late GREAT Maya Angelou, my sorority sister....The one who taught us all what it means to be a PHENOMENAL WOMAN.

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