Keeta King’s Top Ten Apps
Ever stop to wonder what we did before the day and age of apps like Google Maps, Pandora, and the Weather app? I mean... how did we ever find directions to get anywhere?
Starbucks Releases Their Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee Ever
Ever heard the expression "that and a dime will get you a cup of coffee"? Well, not that long ago a cup of coffee did cost a dime. (And you can still get a cup for well less than a dollar in many places.)
Of course, Starbucks began blowing the lid off the coffee price structure about 15 yea…
Man Throws Money in the Air at a Boston Starbucks [VIDEO]
Local Starbucks customers in Boston got  a big surprise on St. Patrick's Day, when an unidentified man walked into the famous coffee hot spot and reportedly threw a huge chunk of money in the air.
"A gentleman walked in and yelled three times, 'I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich!' ... and threw a bunc…