Back in June we had the discussion on-air about our favorite "full breakfast," in other words, not a fast food breakfast, but a sit-down, cooked after you order it, brought to you by a server full breakfast. Well, the results are in.

Here's a reminder of my personal preferences, during the week I'm up earlier than the chickens, due to that I rarely get a full breakfast. So, on the weekends my wife and I like to sneak off and get a breakfast somewhere a couple of times a month. Our top two places we usually go:

  • Dixie Diner on State Line Avenue -- I love their ham, mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet.
  • Denny's off I-30 and State Line Avenue -- I really like their pancakes.

We put together this poll based on input from several folks around the station, here are the top five so far:

  1. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store on St Michael Drive - 22.41 percent.
  2. Dixie Diner on Stateline - 20.69 percent
  3. IHOP on I-30 - 17.24 percent
  4. Shorty's Diner on Oaklawn Shopping Center - 13.79 percent
  5. Denny's on I-30 - 6.9 percent

By the way, you can still vote in our poll if you wish. We may have to come back and update the results again in a few months.