It's true the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show cast are all back from vacation and boy do they have stories to tell.

We heard all about what the cast was up to over the break, Kellie got in a bikini, Jenna sort of had a date, J-Si and Kinsey celebrated their wedding anniversary, (Kinsey Smells - watch the video) and Big Al... did nothing! Oh and Jenna saw Leo Dicaprio, check out the video below.

Have you downloaded "Pokemon Go" yet? Everyone else seems to have! Listen to all of our tips from The Kidd Kraddick Morning show! KiddNation


We love our bit, "Does That Make Me Crazy," but tomorrow we're gonna take your calls for "Does that Make Me Lazy?"

We will chat with you about our favorite moments from The Bachelorette and we will celebrate Tinder Tuesday!

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