I can dream can't I? The current estimated jackpot for tonight's Powerball drawing is $422 Million. Are you going to play?

Honestly, the main reason I don't play the Lotto very often is simply because I'm busy and I forget. I suppose that's why when the jackpot gets up into these higher numbers it seems to jog my memory a little bit. Oh, could I live comfortably on a $4 million or $8 million jackpot payout? You better believe I could. But when those numbers start climbing into the upper atmosphere, my memory gets a little better so you better watch out, I have plans for those winnings.

The cash value, if you want it all up front, is $291.8 million. Then you basically have to split that with Uncle Sam. So total take home should be approximately $150 million.

I think I could live pretty OK with that in the Swiss bank account.

Good luck!