Liquor in Lockdown: Over 1/4 of Arkansan couples admit their drinks and relationships don’t mix, reveals survey.

  • Drinking during lockdown predicted to cause arguments between couples.
  • However, 1/3 of respondents believe that if they both went sober, their relationship would suffer.
  • Interactive Map showing results across the US.

With social distancing now firmly in place and many households in the U.S. on lockdown, couples are getting to know each other better now more than ever before. With a lack of social life outside of the home, partners and cohabitees may be forced to face up to the reality that certain aspects of their lives are in fact, incompatible, such as drinking habits., a leading provider of treatment resources and everything related to alcohol abuse and rehabilitation, conducted a survey of 3,000 couples to find out how many are incompatible when drinking together. Overall, it was found that over a quarter of Arkansans (28%) polled admit they often argue with their partner when one or both have been drinking alcohol. This strongly suggests that alcohol only exacerbates the issue, which could be because one-fifth (20%) of respondents say they are more honest with one another when drunk. Perhaps this is where underlying issues are brought to the surface, which is especially problematic if you are living in isolation with your partner with no other outlet to express your emotions.


See the following interactive map to view these results by location across the US.
Excessive drinking can be a deal breaker, especially considering 15% of people say they have had a relationship end because of problem drinking from either side. At the same time, however, nearly 1 in 10 (8%) say alcohol is an important part of their relationship and if they both went sober, 33% of people say their relationship would suffer.

Nearly one-fifth (16%) of Arkansas respondents say they have been in a situation where they had to ask their partner to cut down on their drinking - presumaby this figure would rise during an extended quarantine period.

The survey also revealed that over three-quarters (77%) say they would definitely consider ending a relationship if their partner started to drink excessively.

There is a clear correlation between alcohol consumption and dysfunctional relationships. This could be due to the fact that alcohol can bring certain underlying issues to the forefront of a drunken argument. This can be especially problematic during lockdown as there are no outlets to express your frustration as usual, except by speaking to your partner.

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