There is nothing like having a great steak for dinner. If you're a steak person then you know how you like it cooked and you are serious about it. 

I used to not really be a steak person until my husband showed me that I was first, ordering the wrong steak and I wasn't asking for it to be cooked the right way. He suggested I try a rib-eye steak cooked medium. Whoa! Talk about a life changer. I think from that moment on I was truly a steak person.

Which brings me to some great local places to get a great steak.

1. Texas Roadhouse off I-30 and Richmond Road - This comes in at number one for me and my husband because they nail our order every time. You ask for a "medium" and by golly you will get a medium! Plus you get a great salad and selection of veggies.

2. Pop's Place on Hwy 67 - Probably one of the best kept secrets in town. Great steak flavor and the place has got a fun atmosphere. When we have family or friends visiting from out of town this is a must.

3. Cattleman's Steak House 4018 N. State Line Ave.  -  My husband and I rediscovered this gem a couple of years ago. Definitely a great steak and such a great romantic atmosphere. This is the perfect place for a special date night and special occasions.

I know there are other places to get a great steak in town so tell me your favorite place to get a steak.