An Earthquake in Missouri last night was felt deep into Arkansas.

The epicenter was close to Poplar Bluff in Missouri but last night, Wednesday, November 17, when the earthquake hit things were shaking in Arkansas in all of the Northeastern parts of the state and reaching into the central section of Arkansas.

Seismograph with paper in action and earthquake - 3D Rendering

Tremors Felt As Far South as Bryant, Arkansas

The tremors were reported in Jonesboro to Piggot to Pocahontas, Monette, and Corning according to calls received from Region 8 News. They were also felt as far south as Beebe Arkansas just northeast of Little Rock, and even farther.

According to KARK

some even reporting on Twitter that it could be felt as far south as Bryant.

Luckily no damage has been reported.

Seismograph instrument recording ground motion during earthquake
Tomislav Zivkovic

Will We See More Earthquakes?

Have you ever felt an earthquake? With the New Madrid Fault Line running into Arkansas you'd think we'd have more earthquakes. Some critics say the New Madrid Fault Line is dead but from the sound of it from Wednesday's Earthquake, we might rethink that theory fast.

The video below explains more about the New Madrid Fault Line and our chances of seeing more of these earthquakes in Arkansas.

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