Now that weather has heated up there's nothing more refreshing than taking a float trip on one of Arkansas' many rivers. Whether you choose to canoe, kayak, or just float on an inner tube, the natural state is the perfect place to do that.

There are numerous regions that offer scenic views as you paddle your way through the Arkansas river valley, taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains, wooded forests, cliffs, canyons, and bluffs. During your journey, you may even see an occasional hawk, eagle, deer, coyote, or bear as you connect with nature at every turn.

Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia

If you want to just relax on an inner tube with your toes dangling off the side there are plenty of rivers and lakes where you can do just that. But if you are the more adventurous type and seek a bit of an adrenalin rush you may want to find a more treacherous river with rapids for the experience of a lifetime.

Razvan Chisu, UnSplash
Razvan Chisu, UnSplash

Most people think of Colorado when it comes to river rafting but you could save on a ton of gas and pretty much find everything you need for a float trip on one of Arkansas' pristine rivers. And some of the float trips are not that far from Texarkana!

Let's take a look.

 5 Amazing Float Trips in Arkansas with Stunning Views

Cossatot River

The Cossatot River is located in Wickes, Arkansas, and is about 125 miles from Texarkana. This river offers a floating adventure with amazing scenery around at every turn. The Cossatot River is popular with both canoeists and kayakers alike. However, the Cossotot River is not for beginners learning to float. In fact, one of the floating areas is known as the "Skull Crusher." I think that name says it all! Swimming, a sandbar, fishing, and cliff diving are some of the activities in this area.

Caddo River

The Caddo River has always been a hot spot for Texarkanians, this beautiful river near the town of Glenwood offers gorgeous views surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of the majestic Ouachita mountains. Depending on how much rain the area has received your float trip could border between easy and medium with a few rapids. This is one of the more tamer rivers to float on with an inner tube very relaxing and peaceful. This is one of my personal favorites for those long hot summer days.

Big Piney Creek

Big Piney Creek gets its name because of the treacherous rapids you will take on during this float trip. This has become a popular destination for people who love to kayak because floating stages are easy to difficult depending on what part of the river you are on. Over the years several sections of the river have been named "Roller Coaster," "Surfing Hole," and, "Cascades of Extinction." Big Piney is about 57 miles and flows into the Arkansas River and is located in the Ozark mountain region in northern Arkansas. You can bet you're going to get wet on this floating adventure!

Little Missouri River

For generations, the Little Missouri River has always been a popular destination when it comes to floating, swimming, or camping. Located just southeast of Mena in the Ouachita National Forests, the venture down this river can be difficult to extremely difficult depending on how much rain they receive. The Little Missouri River is also known for its beautiful waterfalls in the Albert Pike recreation areas.

Kings River

Kings River in Northwest Arkansas is most likely the most scenic float trip you can take with spectacular cliffs, and canyons, you will maneuver around through the Boston Mountains. The King River located near historic Eureka Springs flows all the way to Table Rock Lake in Missouri. This float trip will be one you will never forget!

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