Stocking stuffers have long been associated with after thought gifts — a trial-size lotions, a pack of unexciting socks, neck ties or a pack of chocolates shaped like Santa Claus. And while those classics will always be welcome in stockings or not, there are an endless array of small, thoughtful gift options that can still feel very special.

Check out my list below, and you can't go wrong in the stocking stuffing department.

Gift Cards

Who doesn't love a gift card to their favorite spot. You can get gift cards for as little as $5 gif your budget is a little limited this year.


We've seen some pretty cold days this week. I'm sure there are plenty knuckles and knees that can use it.


Fun-size bags of popcorn will come in handy for the Christmas movie to be watched later.

Hand Sanitizer (that smells good)


Cold Hard Cash

Put a $5 bill in your stockings and you are officially stocking stuffer king or queen especially if your stocking stuffer recipients are young.

Happy Holidays!

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