50 Cent is puzzled by the New York Police Department's investigation against him for allegedly threatening a police official on his Instagram page.

As we previously reported, the NYPD is investigating Fif for his now-since deleted post where he may have threatened a Brooklyn precinct official who is being accused of extorting a popular hip-hop nightclub. The rapper allegedly wrote “get the strap,” in the alleged post, which is a phrase he uses quite often. “Strap” is slang for gun.

The NYPD is accusing 50 of sending a direct threat to 72nd Precinct boss Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez who is mentioned in a $125 million lawsuit by Lust club owner Imran Jairam. In his suit, the local businessman claims that Gonzalez, as well as the NYPD, are shaking him down. He alleges that his club has been repeatedly and unfairly targeted by police in an attempt to "drive him out of business." 50 Cent is a friend of Jairam and frequents the club, so there's that connection.

However, 50 is perplexed at the NYPD's decision to go after him over his tagline. In a recent Instagram post, the G-Unit leader posted a Page Six story featuring him about the NYPD investigation. "All this for my hash tag," he writes. "I’m a big deal around here. LOL. Get the strap, POWER Season 5 July 1 we lit."

50 has also been posting video of local news reports about the NYPD investigation as way to drum up support for Imran Jairam's lawsuit against the police. "Man everybody go to LUST, why I’m the only one they talking about? Get the strap," he writes.

A rep for 50 Cent insists that the rapper is not threatening police with the catchphrase "get the strap." Amanda K. Ruisi says the term is a playful turn of phrase that Fif uses to describe "outrageous situations."

"Taken in its proper context, the specific post in question was neither intended as, nor could reasonably be interpreted as, a threat or call to violence against anyone," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

The representative also added that 50 has filed a trademark to use the phrase "get the strap" on his social media channels and on apparel.

Meanwhile, NYPD is mulling over on whether to charge 50 Cent with misdemeanor aggravated harassment. “There is a formal complaint on file...and detectives are investigating,” an NYPD spokesperson confirmed.

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