I get irate when people who are supposed to be "in-the-know" and in control of an issue have no idea what they're talking about. Case in point: Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napalitano has said repeatedly that our borders are under control, nothing could be further from the truth. Please take a few minutes and get informed on what's really happening on our southern border. There are only two possibilities on what's coming from the talking heads in Washington D.C.;

1. They're lying. (If so, why?)

2. They're idiots. (If so, then why do we allow them to remain in power?)

Another question is why won't the mainstream media cover these stories? They completely ignore this stuff. The security of our country is at stake, not to mention the lives of our children. Makes you wonder, if they won't tell you the truth about this, what else are they not telling you?

Again I ask, how many got through? And where are they now?