Where do you come from? I don't mean where were you born. I mean, when you break down all the elements that make you, you? Where are you and your ancestors from? We're talking DNA right? Where did all that DNA in you come from?

Science has done some amazing things in recent years. One of the most amazing is sequencing human DNA. Science is unlocking amazing technologies in understanding the human body, finding new cures for disease and being able to see where you come from at your most basic building block level, your DNA.

Something that most people don't quite comprehend is just how diverse we really are. I say we, I mean all of us. The only people who might not be are those who have never, ever been touched by anyone outside their local tribe. Even that might be impossible. As for the rest of us, we are from all over the place. There are companies now that can isolate your family history from your DNA. It sounds crazy, but it's apparently very accurate.

Watch this video and see how these people react when they find out who they really are as compared to who they thought they were. It's amazing.

My history is very unknown to me because I was adopted at just 10 days old. I know precious little about my birth parents much less their ancestry. This DNA thing is something I am dying to do one day. Just because I'm curious.

Are you curious? Watch this.

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