Who doesn't dream about winning the lottery? What would you do? Travel the world, buy a new car, a new house or maybe buy expensive gifts for family and friends?



No Winner Last Night

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Just think, if you won tonight's Arkansas Scholarship Lottery’s Natural State Jackpot you would be able to do all those things and more. Why? Because no one won last night and that means the jackpot is BIG tonight.

Biggest Jackpot in Arkansas History


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The Natural State Jackpot is now a record high for tonight's drawing. It's a record high of $480,000. That beats the previous record three years ago of $430,000.

Exciting Times For The Natural State & Its Scholarship Lottery


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Eric Hagler, ASL executive director said in a press release;

“These are exciting times for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery."

Did you Check Your Powerball From Last Night?



Oh and check your tickets because there was a Powerball winner last night worth $100,000. The winning ticket was sold in Little Rock and the numbers from last night June 13 are 02-20-27-44-51, with the Powerball number 25.

How Much Money Has the ASL Made in Scholarship Funds?



Ever wonder how much the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has made in proceeds to scholarships? Since 2009, it has raised more than $1.1 billion going to more than 675,000 scholarships. That's a lot of scholarships!

Drawings are held at 8 PM Monday through Saturday and cut-off time to purchase your ticket is 7:59 PM. Stay up to date on the lottery numbers at MyArkansasLottery.com.

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