There is a new telephone scam occurring that you should keep an eye out for. Remember, not everyone is really who they say they are. 

A woman in Iowa received a phone call from a man in which he stated her name, address, the last four digits of her social and her bank. The caller masqueraded as a government official saying that she owed $500 to a cash advance company that was taken over by the government.

Once she called her bank and the Federal Trade Commission, she realized it was a scam.

She then proceeded to call the man back and tell him that she wasn't going to pay the money. Once she did, the caller told her that yes it was a scam and that he was from Afghanistan. He told her that it didn't matter because he had everything he needed from her and that he was now going to kill her.

What seemed to be a harmless identity theft scam turned into a much more serious matter. The woman was very concerned over the safety of her daughter and now has to get a completely new bank account and change all of her credit cards.

Out of curiosity she checked out the telephone number that called her on Google and found blog threads of other people that had been scammed by the same number and that had actually payed the amount of money requested.

You can check out a video of the full interview here.

Make sure you are very attentive when answering your phone from an unknown caller. You never know what someone might say to you and it could all be lies anyway.