Let's get into it! LISTEN! Friends, if you aren't sleeping on luxurious linen sheets and laying your head to rest on a Sleep-A-Head Pillow, just throw the whole bed away! 

Ya'll know Keisha Willingham is my boo!  Keisha got the keys, but hear me when I tell you she also has some sheets and pillows that will make you question every nap you ever took.

Recently, I purchased a couple of Luxurious Linen Pillows that changed my life. I had began having neck issues. Being a spinal implant patient, I couldn't ignore it. So, to exhaust all my options for relief before making that call to the doctor, I reached out to Keisha for a pillow set. Best decision ever! I'm so in love, ya'l! They came in a little cylinder-shaped plastic carry bag. I thought.... this is odd. I took them out and they were super flat. Ummm... even more odd. I go downstairs to cook, and when I return, they had become full-grown pillows. LOL! (literally). They are bamboo rayon memory foam pillows with a cooling side. Who doesn't flip til they find the pillow's cool spot? This pillow has made such a difference, in my quality of sleep at night, as well as, relief to my neck.  I could go on and on... a great purchase!

Soooo.... on to the sheets! Boujie on a budget is my way! I love the finer things that fit my budget.  Luxurious Linen Sheets are are 1500 thread count and they feel absolutely amazing! They're soft as Egyptian cotton and make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Best of all, they are so affordable. You'll get a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases when you purchase a sheet set for only $35! Crazy right?!?!

Now that you know about the sheets & pillows,  step ya sleep game up! You can thank me later. Click the button below to purchase your Luxurious linens and pillows.

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