As the new kid on the block,the story of the Boggy Creek Monster has come up in too many conversations for me NOT to be a bit curious. Is he a real-life thing or just a figure parents threaten their kids with......"If you don't stop, I'm gon go get the Boggy Creek Monster. Fouke, Arkansas, a place I had never heard of til moving here, is supposedly the home of a seven to eight-feet-tall, hairy wild man who was spotted over 40 times in 1997 and has been the subject of four films dating back to the 1973 flick, The Legend of Boggy Creek. The film was mostly shot in Fouke, but additional films were shot in Texarkana and Shreveport, Louisiana. There have also been Recent Sightings of the Fouke Monster as recent as 2017.

The film centered around Bobby and Elizabeth Fords encounter they had with the with the beast occurred in 1971. The Ford's claimed that the Boggy Creek Monster attacked their home the night of May 1. Supposedly the monster unsuccessfully tried to reach through her screen window, but was chased away by Bobbie and his brother who had just returned from hunting. However, not taking no for an answer, the wild man came back and threw Bobby to the ground. Bobby was taken to the St. Michael Hospital in Texarkana and treated for large gashes across his back. He also suffered from mild shock when he arrived, according to newspaper reports.

I have so many questions about this! First, was he ever captured or killed? Second, how is Faulk even still a town? THROW AWAY THE WHOLE TOWN!

However, I guess the silver lining is the fact that the 'ol monster brought in some revenue for the region with films and places like Peavy’s Monster Mart that has capitalized on Boggy Creek Monster by selling souvenirs and trinkets based on the beast.

Check out the original film The Legend of Boggy Creek Trailer below.


Full movie, Boggy Creek: The Legend is True, a more recent film below.


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