Morris Day and the Time and Bruno Mars rocked the Grammy stage to pay homage to the late, great Prince. The Time were once Prince's partners and proteges, so it's more than fitting for Day to honor the late superstar; and Bruno Mars is born in the Minneapolis funk tradition--so it's only right that he show love to an artist who set the stage for his entire career.

With Morris and Jerome center stage, the band launched into "Jungle Love," pausing, of course, for Morris to check himself in the mirror, as the crowd two-stepped along to the groove.

"Y'all got about ten seconds to get up offa yo asses--and I do mean everybody in here!" Day declared, before the band launched into "The Bird," another Time hit. As the camera caught glimpses of everybody from Kenny Chesney to Rihanna jamming along to the funk classics.

"This the last call for alcohol, y'all," Day yelled. "You ain't got to go home--but you got to keep the party going!"

As he exited the stage, Prince's voice echoed through the crowd: "Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to get through this thing called 'life...'"

As the famous artist's symbol descended behind the stage, the opening to "Let's GO Crazy" opened as Bruno Mars took the stage, dressed in Purple Rain-era garb, holding a Prince-esque guitar and launching into the 1984 megahit.

After working the crowd into a frenzy, Mars even closed with The Purple One's iconic "Let's Go Crazy" guitar solo, paying the ultimate tribute to Prince himself.


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