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Big Bags Not Allowed At Cinemark Theaters
"Big Bags Not Allowed At Cinemark Theaters," for a lot of us, translates... no more smuggling 20 oz. pops and Big Grab potato chips into the movie theater- at least not in Cinemark theaters.
With the entire nation being on high alert after the Parkland High school mass shooting in Florida t…
SAU Helps Hurricane Victims
If you are looking for a drop-off point to help victims of the recent hurricane in Houston, items are still being accepted to Helping Hands for Houston, the Southern Arkansas University-sponsored disaster relief effort for victims of Hurricane Harvey...
Scout-O-Rama Pics
Over 1000 Scouts, Troops, Crews, Packs, leaders, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, kids in scouts, kids not in scouts, all gathered this weekend to have some fun together at Scout-O-Rama, the largest public-invited Scout Show in the Four States area. Really, this was a big deal.
Scout-O-Rama Speaker
The 2017 Scout-O-Rama Committee is excited to announce that new Boy Scouts of America, Caddo Area Council Scout Executive, Anthony Escobar, will be the keynote speaker for Scout-O-Rama 2017.
Street Data Collection
Please remain calm, all is well. The City of Texarkana, Texas is starting up that data collection project again, these vehicles are collecting images of our streets to inventory the condition of all streets within the city limits.  The city has hired San Antonio based Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (D…
Cookie Time
It's that time of year again, Girl Scout Cookie Time! Now just on the chance that you haven't turned in your order with the Girl Scout next door, you might be interested in knowing precisely where you can find your fix of GS Cookies.

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