Have you ever felt lucky? I mean really lucky? The kind of luck this young lady apparently had while skiing alone in a snow storm with her ears covered by headphones while listening to Rihanna and narrowly escaping a bear about to eat you? That kind of lucky?

Her name might be Kelley Murphy, that's what it says on the YouTube page where I found the video anyway. I think she just might be the luckiest young lady on the planet. At least that day she was.

If that video is accurate, she came within maybe three or four seconds of being a midwinter red-wrapped human burrito for a very hungry bear.

One of the first things I noticed when ready some of the comments was the word "fake."

I have looked at this video many times now, slowed it down, viewed in large format and really I don't see any indications it's a fake. If it is, it's a good one.

What do you think?