If there’s anyone who was an unsung hero in R&B it’s Cheryl Pepsii Riley. So it’s only right that TV One’s biography series Unsung spotlights the veteran singer’s highs and lows in her music career.

Born Cheryl Ann Riley, the R&B singer touched the hearts of single mothers worldwide with her 1988 ballad “Thanks for My Child,” a gorgeous yet heartbreaking song penned by Full Force. The song topped the Billboard R&B Songs chart and was a Top 40 hit on the Hot 100 chart.

Although Riley will be forever be remember for that song, she managed to carve out a successful R&B career. In 1989 she released her debut album Me Myself and I and garnered another R&B hit "Every Little Thing About You." Her follow-up LP, Chapters, in 1991, features the Aretha Franklin cover "Ain't No Way. Her 1993 album All That! boasts the singles "Gimme" and "Guess I'm in Love."

After a decade-long hiatus, Riley found herself utilizing her singing and acting chops in several of Tyler Perry's best-selling plays including Madea's Class Reunion and Madea Goes to Jail during the mid-2000s. She also appeared in Perry's directed-to-DVD flicks like Tyler Perry's Madea Gets a Job (2012) and Tyler Perry's Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned (2014).

For the Unsung special, Tyler Perry, Full Force, Shemar Moore, Tony Terry, Alyson Williams and other music industry veterans will share their stories about Ms. Riley.

"I must thank TV One...and the Unsung producers for even considering me for this show. What a Huge Honor!" she wrote to EURweb. "Gotta say though, that when it came to an episode on me, initially I was hesitant. I have so much more I wanna do, that I just keep pushing and grinding."

"Add to that, celebrating 30 Years since the Columbia Records release of “Thanks For My Child” and how it still resonates today with listeners! It still moves me to this day to hear!" she continued. "So, yes, still so much to do but it’s all good because I am so blessed by the beautiful souls God has placed in my path!"

"Being chosen to do Unsung, given the opportunity to venture back in order to tell this story, My Story, at this place in my life, has been a Godsend," she concluded.

The Unsung "Cheryl Pepsii Riley" episode will air tonight on TV One at 9PM ET.

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