Now that it's November I've noticed most stores have all their Christmas decorations out and displayed. Normally, this would be way too soon for me, but this year I've been looking for a new artificial Christmas tree.

So, believe me, I'm all happy about seeing the Christmas stuff out early. In England, since they don't have Thanksgiving, the Christmas season starts around the first of November. The trend is called the Christmas Creep and they actually have a Christmas Creep Calculator. According to the Quartz website:

mathematical model that uses the dates of Oxford Street’s lighting ceremony to project the path of the Christmas shopping season creeping ever earlier in the calendar.

So here's what they found.

It will be all Christmas before Halloween within the next five years.

In 2050 it will be Christmas in the stores by September 30.

By the year 2085 get ready for the Christmas season by Labor Day.


And a century from now? Look for Christmas to be in stores by July 31. It really will be Christmas in July. What, too early?