For what it's worth, Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow and while many bars are still closed that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate at home.

According to the website, House Method they have compiled a study mapping out the cost of making a margarita in every state. Everything from finding prices of margarita ingredients at popular retailers and up to 10 zip codes in each state. You may be surprised that the cost of making a margarita is relatively low depending on which state you live in.

House Method calculated the overall cost for each state by averaging the price of each ingredient and multiplying that by the percentage of the product that would be used to make one margarita.

In Texas, it costs $2.30 to make a margarita, making it one of the cheapest states in the country. Oklahoma cost was $2.68 and Most expensive states include In Arkansas $2.90, Louisiana $2.82.

Nationally, it costs $2.56 to make a margarita. You can see the full state breakdown here.

So whatever you choose to do on Cico de Mayo, drink resposibly and be safe.

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