Doctor Who will reach a major turning point over the course of 2017, first saying goodbye to showrunner Steven Moffat in Season 10, and then Peter Capaldi himself in this year’s Christmas special. We won’t know the name of this replacement for some time, but U.K. oddsmakers are already placing strong bets on James Bond star Ben Whishaw, if Season 11 doesn’t opt for a major change.

Per Entertainment Weekly, U.K. bookmakers William Hill have Whishaw with the highest odds of replacing Capaldi at 6/1. Next up are Richard Ayoade, Penny Dreadful star Rory Kinnear and Harry Potter alum Rupert Grint, all given odds of 8/1.

Thankfully, the odds have also taken a female Doctor into account, as Moffat’s replacement Chris Chibnall is more likely to shake up the Doctor Who format in changing the Time Lord’s gender. Should Chibnall follow through (the odds of which are also 6/1), both Olivia Colman and former Doctor Who companion Billie Piper have 20/1 odds.

Naturally, the oddsmakers have no direct say in who ends up cast (names like Whishaw and Kinnear have also been floated before), but it’s at least a decent bet producers will skew younger than Capaldi to reclaim a wider fanbase.

Season 10 will premiere on April 15, but stay tuned for any and all news of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who replacement.

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