Doja Cat recently revealed she was diagnosed with the coronavirus after making fun of people who fear the disease back in March.

The rapper spoke with Capital XTRA on Friday (July 24), where she revealed she had somehow contracted the dreaded virus. "It's been alright," she said of her sickness. "I've stayed at home. I got COVID. Honestly, don't know how this happens. I guess I ordered something off Postmates. I don't know how I got it, but I got it."

She said the worst of the ordeal is over. "I'm OK, now," she added. "It was a four-day symptom freakout, but I'm fine now."

Back in March, when the government started shutting things down in states across the U.S. due to fears of spreading the fatal disease, Doja was one of the rappers who was not taking things seriously. She voiced her opinion online, downplaying the virus. "I'm not scared of a coronavirus or the beer version of that shit," she stated.

She even dropped this prophetic line. "I'm gonna get corona," she shared. "Then I'm gonna get a Corona ’cause I don't give a fuck about corona, bitch!"

Doja has spent the last few months of social distancing trying to clear her name. Back in May, she was accused of regularly congregating with racists on an internet chatroom. At the same time, a song surfaced written by the rapper, who is of South African and Jewish descent, that appears to downplay the plight of Black people who claim to have suffered from police brutality. She has since offered a lengthy apology and denied being racist.

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