Atlanta has become one of the must-see shows on television this spring. During last week’s episode, Earn (played by Donald Glover) booked Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) to perform at a Pajama Jam concert at a college. However, Atlanta executive producer and director Hiro Murai had a cut a hilarious scene from the episode.

Murai was kind enough to share the scene with his followers on Instagram for Atlanta fan to enjoy. The clip above features the men of Atlanta hanging out and wearing silk pajamas for the show.

When Earn starts playing TLC's “Creep” on his phone, he gets a reluctant Paper Boi and Darius (played by Lakeith Stanfield) to do TLC’s dance moves from the iconic video. Watching the men recreate the group’s swaying and sliding is pure comedic gold. But we’re wondering, why was this scene cut in the first place?

Murai's video has garnered 38,000 views and over 11,000 likes. TLC themselves have watched the clip and loved it!

From TLC's official Twitter account, they tweeted, "@donaldglover y'all look good in them silk pjs." Chilli added with "approved" and a check mark emoji.

Just for fun, we provided TLC's original video for "Creep" below for your enjoyment.

Watch TLC's "Creep" Video

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