It's been a minute since we got a Lil Wayne and Drake collab. That could change soon.

On Friday (May 1), Drizzy joined Tunechi on Young Money Radio to discuss his new mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, among other topics. During the talk, the conversation came up as to why Wayne and Drake do not collaborate on songs as much as they used to and as much as fans would like to see.

Both artists said they were down, but apparently it's not that simple.

"Let me explain to the people though. Now, something about me and Drizzy songs that we do together, we are both perfectionists," Wayne revealed around the one-hour mark. "So, it's not like, you send me a joint, I'm going to throw a verse on there and…We got a standard we got to live up to and we got a track record and a legacy we got to always protect. And then on top of that, it's like we have this thing where it's like, well, if I'm a send you a joint and I'm going to go first, first of all, I already know, it's like, all right, I know this man's about to go crazy on me. And I feel like it's like...These are moments where we truly..."

"In rap there's no score to define a winner or there's no championship game," Drake chimed in. "So, these are the moments of competition that we truly enjoy. Oh yeah."

Drizzy promised to get to work on a couple of collabs with this Young Money brother A.S.A.P.

"Well look, on that note, you have my word as a man and Mack [Maine], you can hold me to this when we get off the phone, I'm going to be in the studio," Drake confirmed. "What's today? Friday? I'm going to be in the studio all weekend. By midweek or maybe Monday night, you will have at least two joints."

With no touring to be done due to the coronavirus, both Wayne and Drake have been working on new music. Tune recently revealed he has something special coming soon. After announcing his new mixtape, Drake revealed his upcoming sixth album will be coming out this summer.

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