This year, Thanksgiving is at my house, and I'm super excited. I don't do too much moving around in the kitchen. I leave that to the cooks. Our Thanksgiving menu is pretty much set year-to-year, and my family KNOWS what items I don't want to touch my plate.

Juuuuuust in case you guys decide to invite me to break bread with your family one Thanksgiving, it's only right that you, too, know what dishes I'm gonna pass on. Respectfully, of course. lol
They are as follows:

1. Chitterlings

Awww hell naw. To be honest, you can leave them bad boys in the store. They won't touch my plate, let alone my palate. Nothing at all about cooked intestines excites me. I'll pass.


2. Turnip, Mustard, and Collard Greens

To be honest, greens are a delicacy among my family, and I just can't understand why. They have a very bitter taste to me. No amount of hot sauce or pepper sauce is gonna fix that, aaaaaaaaand I'll pass.

Stove Stuffin 1

3. Stove Top Stuffing

This, on any Thanksgiving dinner table is just disrespectful. If it's not homemade cornbread dressing, I'll pass.


4. Green Bean Casserole

OK so everything doesn't have to be put in casserole form. I'm down with a side of well-seasoned green beans, but leave all the tricks out of it. The dish looks a bit confusing to me. I'll pass.

5. Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Pie


I love a good baked sweet itself. Extra generous on the butter please. With that said, I don't want it as a pie. And what black family eats pumpkin pie? Not mine. I'll pass.

So, if you are serving any of the above dishes this holiday, please don't put them on my plate.


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