There will be a free COVID-19 testing event this Thursday, July 16 at the Four States Fairgrounds and you do not need to have any symptoms to be tested. If you are wondering if you have COVID-19 but you might be asymptomatic this is where you can get tested.

Healthy Connections will be conducting the drive-thru testing. Studies have shown that some people as much as 40% of people with the virus can be asymptomatic meaning they show no symptoms of the virus at all but still can spread the virus. That is why they are allowing anyone and everyone that wants to be tested can be at this event. It will start at 9AM  and will go on until 1PM.

The best part of this testing event is that it is a simple test and it doesn't hurt like the tests where it seems like they put a 10-foot pool cue stick up your nose! According to their website over the past few weeks testing has changed and even though the test still uses a nasal swab, it does not have to go as far up the nasal cavity as before and that is a good thing.

The Four States Fairgrounds are located at 3700 E. 50th in Texarkana, Arkansas.


Lisa Lindsey
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