With all that’s going on around us, don’t lose your passion. When I meet people who aren't motivated.... who just take life as it comes, and not very excited about waking up to a new day, that tells me one thing about them....They haven't discovered their passion, and they lack vision. The truth is, without passion, there is no vision. Passion is to a vision what gasoline is to  a car. Ya just can't quite move forward without it.

I’ve been dropping hints about some changes… some newness coming to Majic 93.3. I know the vision I have for this station. And it has required a lotttt of hours and work. But  my PASSION drives me to get it all done! Won’t stop til I do! ‘Cause when you're working on something you're excited (passionate) about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision will PULL you! Stay tuned.

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