The first season of Netflix Full House revival Fuller House proved a major hit for the streaming service, and even if Season 2 couldn’t quite match its success, the Tanners will give it a third shot regardless. The series has officially been renewed for Season 3, arriving in 2017.

Netflix made the announcement on Christmas Eve; especially prescient given the second season dropped in early December, and made the run of holidays during its 13 episodes. Both Seasons 1 and 2 aired in 2016, which could potentially place Fuller House Season 3 as early as mid-2017.

At the very least, we know Fuller House Season 3 may feel slightly more authentic, as original series creator Jeff Franklin recently bought the famous San Francisco home that served as exterior to the Tanner household, with intent to shoot both new outdoor shots, and potentially film indoors as well. Additionally, we’d expect cast, crew and executive producer John Stamos are still holding out hope one of the Olsen twins will reprise their role as Michelle, if only to avoid those awkward in-camera references.

In the meantime, all episodes of Fuller House are available to stream on Netflix.

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