Leak or no, Game of Thrones Season 7 secrecy has reached a point where titles are held back days before release. There’s no telling what, if any pre-finale assets will make their way online, but a new report confirms the coming 81-minute closer has a title all about Ice and Fire.

HBO was kind enough to release a trailer for this coming Sunday’s Season 7 finale, though as with the prior “Beyond The Wall,” no title was officially released until that week’s photos. According to Watchers on the Wall and Sky Atlantic, however, the series’ seventh finale and longest episode yet bears the cryptic title of “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

UPDATE: HBO officailly confirms the title, updating the runtime to 79 minutes and 43 seconds.

Impulse will naturally tend toward Dany and Jon as the title characters, though plenty of others might fit the moniker (especially as Jon himself is a secret Targaryen). Perhaps a return to that Rhaegar and Lyanna revelation Gilly oh-so-casually dropped as she and Sam were gearing up to leave the Citadel library?

It’s likely HBO will withhold a synopsis even if photos arrive later this week, though the network may have bigger problems. According to Mashable, hackers have threatened to release Sunday’s finale ahead of schedule, despite the prior Game of Thrones episode leaks stemming from distributors’ accidental release.

In the meantime, watch the trailer for “The Dragon and the Wolf” (allegedly) below, and stay tuned for more on Sunday’s finale.

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