Seriously, I can't think of anyone that doesn't have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor. But now that it's coming out in a cereal, what might be the flavor you think you will like the best?

According to the story this morning, General Mills has confirmed this news wiht more details coming soon, Girl Scout Cookie Cereal! Sounds like an awesome idea. I'm sure you are already a big fan of Girl Scout Cookies, but will they make that favorite cookie into you're favorite cereal? A good question indeed.

Of the two pictured which would be your favorite do you think? Let us know below.

Yes, some of the proceeds will go to Girls Scouts, they are also for a limited time only according to the box.

Looks like "Thin Mints" and "Caramel Crunch" will be the first two to be released, I'm sure if they're successful  we will see new releases soon thereafter, so our question is a pretty simple one: