The draft of hate-crime legislation that members of the Senate and House have crafted moves the state closer to the goal of passing and implementing a much-needed hate-crime law, Governor Asa Hutchinson said today during a press conference in the Capitol’s second-floor rotunda.

The Governor joined members of the General Assembly, administration officials, and business leaders as they introduced a draft of the proposed law that legislative leaders are preparing for the 93rd General Assembly in January according to the Press Release.

“I want Arkansas to say plainly and clearly that we will not tolerate violence against anyone because of their race, their religion, or because of who they are,” Governor Hutchinson said. “We don’t need new laws. We need to enhance the penalty for a crime when someone targets a victim because of a specific characteristic.

“We are at the point in our history that we must hold to a greater degree of accountability those people who target individuals because of where they were born, how they worship, or how they choose to live. I commend the legislators for their leadership in moving ahead with this legislation.”


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