Hazel-E is apologizing for her inflammatory Instagram post. Earlier this week, the Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood cast member exploded in a hateful IG rant aimed at dark-skinned women and the LGBTQ community after engaging in a war of words with comedian Jess Hilarious.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Hazel-E says it wasn't her intent to smear all LGBTQ people and she was merely angry about stories being spread about her boyfriend, Rose Burgundy.

"The post was made because one person in the community decided to falsify documents from Rose's social media and my social media basically...trying to out him for being in a down low relationship," she says in the vid. "And it was very frustrating because it was false—it was lies. It was not my Instagram, it was not his and he was just like 'To show you how not gay I am, I'm gonna post a burning flag.'"

Acknowledging that Rose's actions "might not have been the best idea," Hazel claims that she feels "horrible."

"That was not intent sincerely, I don't think that the Bible says that the gays should burn in hell. I said that the Bible does speak on homosexuality and I can't rewrite the Bible for the things it says in it. That's what it says."

She also adds: "I'm not God and I can't judge you. And I will not judge you."

Good luck with rebuilding those bridges, Hazel-E.

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