Unless you're driving a truck or bus, you can pretty much ignore the signs which warn how tall upcoming bridges are. But it turns out that many truck drivers also ignore these signs, and as you'll see in this video compilation, they often pay a price for it!

That's because in Durham, North Carolina, there's an 11 foot 8 inch bridge in the city which has been ripping the tops off oversize vehicles for years.

Local man Jürgen Henn set up a camera and began filming the often humorous collisions. As you can see, folks in rental box trucks are most often the victims of the bridge's low clearance. However, professional truck and bus drivers also fall right into the bridge's clutches.

Yup, this scrappy little bridge is undefeated. Hence Henn's perfect soundtrack choice: Bill Conti's 'Gonna Fly Now,'  the theme to 'Rocky.'

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