Last night the R&B powerhouses, Brandy and Monica took OVER the internet in a battle of the music on the latest episode of Verzuz, the web series which sees industry titans face off in a friendly battle for music dominance. At one point, the viewership reached 1.2 million! Being one of the 1.2, I was front and center singing along, traveling down memory lane and might've even shedded a tear or three. Nonetheless, this Verzuz was not only one of my favorites, but can be marked as legendary.

I will have to say, Monica and Brandy are both amazing singers, and have really stood the test of time coming into the industry at such a young age. Monica, in my opinion, just has more hits that HIT your soul. Don't get me wrong, Brandy's hits definitely knock!  But Monica's tend to hit a little different... at least for me. Monica will take you to chuuuuch!.

So in case you missed the Brandy vs Monica Verzuz Battle on Instagram, I gotcha covered. See below for the full three hour segment.

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