March 22, 1950, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover received a memo from Guy Hottel confirming the recovery of three "flying saucers" and "three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall" in each craft. Fact... read on.

I guess the only question here would be, was Mr. Hottel a big fat liar? Keep in mind that Hottel was either an FBI Agent or a government employee of some kind with SAC (Strategic Air Command). I would suggest to you that lying to J.Edgar Hoover would be a very bad decision, so I'm going with a factual report to the FBI Director.

Don't believe this is a real FBI memo? Well it's on the FBI website! Click this link and see for yourself.

The 'UFO believer' community is still waiting for a government official to admit that they have been lying all along and yes, we (the government), have been in contact with alien beings for many years.

Don't hold your breath, could be a long wait.


Guy Hottel FBI Memo
FBI Memo


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