Issa Rae says she "shamelessly" fangirled over Drake while attending a 2018 Golden Globe Awards after-party.

The 33-year-old actress confirmed as much a tweet Thursday following reports she turned down Drake's invitation to the Netflix Golden Globes after-party Sunday.

"*Obsessed Fan Who Dedicated Entire Season to Artist Continues to Shamelessly Fangirl When She Sees Him at Party Later," she wrote, correcting an E! News post suggesting she "turned down" the 31-year-old singer.

E! News reported Rae, whose love of Drake shows up in her show Insecure, was approached by the singer following the Golden Globes. Drake is said to have "made his whole group stop" so he could talk to Rae, who was with her friends.

"He asked her if she wanted to come to the Netflix party with him," a source said before claiming Rae "denied" the singer. "[She was like,] 'Thanks but no thanks.'"

Another insider said Drake "didn't come on that strong," but did "flirt a little" with Rae.

"He thinks Issa Rae is beautiful and talented. He would like to take her on a date if he was given the opportunity. He talks highly of her talents to people," the source said.

Rae ultimately ended up at the Netflix party, but spent her time "dancing with her friends" instead of hanging out with Drake. She did compliment the singer, who DJed at the event, in two videos, according to Complex.

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