Trooper Austin Duncan has been awarded the prestigious Arkansas State Trooper of the Year Award for 2023. The accolade was presented today at the annual Arkansas State Police awards ceremony, hosted by the Arkansas State Police Foundation.

Trooper Duncan, who has been with the Arkansas State Police since 2020, was honored for his heroic actions in September 2023. He demonstrated exceptional bravery and quick thinking by stopping a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on Interstate 630 in Little Rock. By positioning his patrol unit in the vehicle's path, he prevented a high-speed head-on collision with another motorist. The driver of the suspect vehicle swerved to avoid Duncan's patrol unit, but Duncan maneuvered his car again into the path of the suspect vehicle, causing a head-on collision and successfully stopping the threat. His courageous actions are a testament to the mission of the Arkansas State Police.

Austin Duncan Trooper of the Year 2023 - ASP
Austin Duncan Trooper of the Year 2023 - ASP

The ceremony featured Arkansas State Police Foundation President Elizabeth Anderson, who introduced the keynote speaker, retired ASP Director J.R. Howard. Howard, who served as ASP Director from 2011, has a distinguished career, including roles as a U.S. Marshal and Arkansas State Crime Lab Director. He began his law enforcement journey as an Arkansas State Trooper in 1971 and spent 15 years in the Criminal Investigation Division.

Trooper Duncan's recognition highlights the dedication and bravery of the Arkansas State Police in protecting the community. Check out the in-car video below.

Others recognized in the ceremony:

Official Commendations

Corporal Matt Price
Corporal Michael Bowman
Trooper Tyler Grant
Telecom Operator Cindy Ball-Dye
Sergeant Chase Melder
Corporal Deston Linkous
Telecom Supervisor Jorge Mendoza
Telecom Operator Iris Alvarado
Special Agent Matthew Foster
Senior Corporal David Smothers
Special Agent Joe Pickett
Special Agent David Moss
CACD Sr. Investigator Mary Pifer
CACD Sr. Investigator Cassie Johnson

Lifesaving Awards

TFC Marcus Simpson
Trooper Kirt Williams
Corporal Kevin Helm
Corporal James Mitchell

Distinguished Service Awards

Pope County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Rodney McNeese
Pope County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Charles Brown
Keevil Constable James Capshaw
Monroe County Sheriff Michael Neal

Distinguished Meritorious Service Awards

CACD Hotline Operator Amanda Whitlock
Special Agent Matthew Foster

Medal of Valor

Trooper Ronald Grace
TFC Nathan Williams
Trooper Michael Kyle Ellison
Sergeant Alan Johnson
Trooper Austin Duncan

Trooper's Cross Award

Trooper Matt Sanford

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