Arkansas has been making several great lists lately. And here is another one, Arkansas made the list for one of the most beautiful restaurants in the country. made a list with the help of of the 50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America.

They crowned one restaurant from each state. So, we know not only what the Most Beautiful Restaurant is in Arkansas but in Texas too. If you are looking for a beautiful and unique dining experience, be sure to keep these in mind on your travels.

The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Texas


Tillie's is located in Dripping Springs, Texas about 20 miles west of Austin. The building is stunning and eye candy for its uniqueness and beauty. said,

Enter a cavernous space housed in a 200-year-old Vietnamese town hall appointed with impressive, eclectic antiques.


The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Arkansas

Making the list for Arkansas is ...

The Preacher's Son 

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Google Maps


This Restaurant is located in Bentonville and is in a beautifully renovated church that was originally built in 1904. said this about the Arkansas restaurant,


 This farm-to-table spot inside a Gothic Revival church features stained glass windows and a bell tower art installation.



Have you ever been to these restaurants? You can find out more lists that Arkansas has been on recently including The Arkansas Town That Made The Best Weekend Trip list,  The Best BBQ Joint in Arkansas, The Best Steakhouse in Arkansas and the Best Scenic Drives in Arkansas.

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